Nuclear threats as well as political and social instability are what haunt North Korea today. So it was no surprise that when International Business Times reporter Michelle FlorCruz told her peers she was visiting the hostile country, they were concerned.

With her camera in hand, she was able to retrace the footsteps of her parents who visited the nation in 1995 and recreate photographs similar to those they had shared with her back then. But what were her expectations, and what did she see?

Government officials guided what exactly she saw, in terms of North Korea’s history, ushering her past certain parts of a museum. However, she did not feel unsafe or threatened by the people or the society as a whole.

Michelle sat down with IBTimesTV to share her once-in-a-lifetime trip to a country many fear: North Korea. She revealed what initially made her decide to go, how she felt there, the country’s stance on tourism and the control of what she got to see.

The final and most important questions we ask: Is it a safe place for foreigners to visit, and would she ever return?