Even though Valentine’s Day can seem like a big cliché, some lovers look at it as the perfect opportunity to be romantic. But the hearts, chocolates and roses aren't too original. For those who want to do something more than just stare into each other’s eyes over a candlelit dinner, read our list of unique date ideas.

1. Lunch at the beach: This can be especially fun for those who live in the Northeast, where the temperatures drastically dropped. Summer is a long time away, but bundling up, packing some sandwiches (and maybe some beers) and bringing a chair can be a fun thing to do for Valentine’s Day. Practically no one goes to the beach when the temperature drops, so it’ll be like having your personal date. The waves are just as beautiful, plus there will probably be more shells to choose from since there are fewer people roaming the shore.

2. Do touristy things in your own town: This might sound strange, but how often is anyone a tourist in their own town? You’ve probably passed that museum on Main Street a million times, but have you actually gone in? Pretend to be a tourist with your significant other, take cheesy pictures and have a great time. It’ll probably be the perfect opportunity to make some memories.

3. Make a DIY gift: This one is perfect for the thrifty and crafty. Whether it’s making your significant other’s favorite food, like a special kind of macaroni and cheese, or making a personal Valentine’s Day card like you did in elementary school, nothing says “from the heart” like a gift that's hand-made.

4. Relive your first date: This is a really fun idea, especially if you can remember what you wore and wear similar clothes. Of course, a picture must be taken to document the experience.

5. Do something adventurous: How often do you hear of people going sky-diving for Valentine’s Day? While that might be too extreme for most people, especially since it’s probably too cold in most places, hitting the slops for a skiing or snowboarding excursion might be the perfect way for some couples to say, “I love you.”

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