Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. From buying expensive flowers, lavish gifts and splurging on date nights, the Feb. 14 holiday can quickly spoil anyone’s budget. Luckily for those planning to celebrate 2016’s day of love, you don’t have to break the bank on a Valentine’s Day card. We’ve compiled a list of the top five best sites and apps you can use to send free e-cards to your loved ones.

1. Lucidpress – If you want to put your own creative twist on your Valentine’s Day e-card, consider using Lucidpress. The easy-to-use site allows you to pick one of their many templates, customize the content with text, images and colors, and make it your desired size. When your creation is complete, simply download your work of art and share it. While there is a paid subscription available for the site as well.

2. Jib Jab — The ever popular Jib Jab is not just for the holiday season. The site has dozens of Valentine’s Day themed e-cards free and ready at your disposal. If you’re loved one is still singing along to the “Grease: Live” soundtrack, consider the customizable “You’re the One That I Want!” musical card. There is also a "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" e-card available. You can use Jib Jab by singing in through Facebook or creating an account.

3. — You can find the perfect e-card for every family member and friend on The site offers standard and three-dimensional cards. If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of choices, there are several categories to help you narrow down your picks such as “Popular Now”  and “Highest Rated.” You can register for the site or sign in using your Facebook account.

4. Bitmoji — If you prefer to send your love through text messages, Bitmoji can help you add a little something special to your Valentine’s Day texts. The free app, which is available on iTunes' App Store and Google Play, allows you to create your own emojis and avatars. In-app purchases are available.

5. Punchbowl — If you want to give a paper Valentine's Day card but don’t want to pay for one, Punchbowl offers a happy medium. The online service allows you to customize an e-card and personalize it with an envelope, “custom postage" and stamps. You can sign in through Facebook or by creating a free account. 

Happy Valentine's Day!