Guys aren't always the easiest to shop for when Valentine's Day comes along. Sure, you can get them a pizza and a six-pack of beer, but the following are some alternative, though quirky, V-Day gifts that were inspired by Pinterest

1.       Bacon Roses

Roses are red, violets are blue, blah blah blah. What kind of man wants to receive roses for Valentine’s Day? Exactly, practically none — unless of course you replace the delicate rose petals with delicious, juicy slabs of bacon. Now that’s something he can really enjoy.


2.       Love Letter Envelope

This is a cute idea for people who are in long-distance relationships (or just really into the sappy stuff). Being away from each other during the lovers' holiday is hard, but a special envelope to stick your Valentine inside can make things extra special. Besides, who ever said an email was the proper replacement for a hand-written letter?


3.       Red Velvet Brownies

Usually the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this recipe, courtesy of Smells Like Home, is sure to make your lover swoon.

4.       Heart-Shaped Calzones

Sticking with the food trend, why not try something savory like a calzone? Check out some recipes we found on Craftzine.


5.       Cologne

Everyone likes to smell nice, especially for special occasions, and if you give him your favorite cologne, your honey will smell just as you like!

6.       Silly Valentines

Not everyone is crazy for V-Day, but celebrating with a quirky card is a good way to get him to laugh.


7.       Cigar Box Shaving Kit

A good shave is the male equivalent to a pedicure; he’ll surely thank you for this gift.

8.       Stuffed Hamburger Press

Your main man is sure to be missing summer by now, and a stuffed hamburger press will keep him busy as he ponders  all the different concoctions he could make—like a bacon-stuffed burger, mmm.


9.       Beer Making Kit

Guys typically know a lot about beer, so why not let him try his hand at making his own?

10.   “Manly” Picture Frame

Try a “dude approved” picture frame like the one below with either a funny or sweet picture of you both. 


Lastly, one of my male co-workers added that a bottle of whiskey always works for any occasion.