Elena Gilbert's Vampire Diaries home is for sale, but buyers need not fear a vampire or supernatural invasion.

On the Vampire Diaries the beautiful Mystic Falls, Va., white house (that seems to be dripping with blood lately) is the home of Elena and Jeremy Gilbert. Fans can now take a bite out of the show because the Gilbert's home is for sale. On the market for $450,000, fans can move into their favorite fictional characters home, except the location is going to be a little different. The home used in the popular CW series is actually located in Covington, Ga., not Mystic Falls, Va.

The five bedroom home, 3.5 baths in Newton County was built in 1921.

Potential home owners will have a beautiful wrap around porch (that Elena has kissed the Salvatore brothers on numerous times). The house also has three fireplaces to get cozy next to while watching the series on TV.

Fear a mess from a vampire intrusion? The house has hardwood floors for an easy clean up, and rear stairs in case a surprise visit from Klaus needs you to make a quick escape out the back.

On 1/3 to 1/2 an acre, the fenced-in property also boasts a garden area, guest house, out-buildings and patio.Fans that want a chance to get closer to the fictional location of Mystic Falls can also take a short walk to Covington's downtown area which also appears in the series. 

The home seems to be bad luck for most that enter. Just last week we saw Klaus break down the door with a soccer ball and pierce the walls with a wooden fence as he tried to stake Damon, let alone Elena collapsing while painting Alaric's old bedroom.

For a closer look at the Vampire Diaries home check out Dorsey Alston Realty and Realtor.com.