Situations on the "Vampire Diaries" are hardly ever laughing matters. Elena is always in danger, Bonnie generally has a serious scowl over vampire problems and Caroline seems to bleed drama with cheerleading and committee planning. As for the boys, one of the Salvatore brothers appears to be misbehaving at all times, Matt always looks like he's pouting over not being supernatural or having a girlfriend and Klaus has some MAJOR mommy issues. So, why exactly will a new clip of the "Vampire Diaries" leave you with laughing?

Fans can ease their "Vampire Diaries" hiatus blues with a season three blooper reel! The three minute long video gives viewer a glimpse of their favorite characters with the serious situations on hold.

Remember when Dr. Fell got blood from a passed out Damon? Well it wasn't as easy as it looked. The video shows Dr. Fell yanking on Damon's arm trying to get his jacket off him. The pair ended up laughing as Damon's arm remained caught in his jacket.

Besides the usual line fumbles (one involving Damon coughing on a drink and another as Caroline straddles a shirtless Tyler), we also get some odd "what's going on here" moments.

The biggest "WTF" moment comes from Damon, who holds up a pair of red lace women's underwear before rolling them up in a ball and shoving them in his mouth. Other hilarious moments caught on camera? Damon failing to catch a prop numerous times while being strangled by former"7th Heaven" star David Gallagher and Elena doing an odd dance.

Season three of the "Vampire Diaries" will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on Sept. 11. Season four premieres on the CW on Oct. 11.

Check out the bloopers for season three below!