Tonight's episode of the Vampire Diaries, Murder of One is bound to be a juicy one. After discovering that wood from the white oak tree exists, Damon and Stefan Salvatore become hell bent on killing the original vampire family.

Finally have the stakes to kill an original, Stefan says to Damon in a preview of tonight's episode. I'm not going to miss because you can't whittle.

The Mystic Falls crew consisting of Damon, Stefan, Elena, Alaric, Caroline, Bonnie and Matt have been trying all season to kill the original vampires. Now that they have they have the only weapon that could kill them the war is on.

Julie Plec, executive producer of the Vampire Diaries comments in the clip that, There was still wood that existed from that white oak tree that will kill an original. And as we know, all of the originals are linked by a spell, so, if one dies they all die.

Stefan and Damon aren't going up against the originals by themselves though. You have a weapon that can kill Klaus? Elena asks Stefan. Nope, we all have a weapon, Stefan says as he throws down a duffel bag full of white oak stakes.

Taking down the originals won't be that easy though, especially with a preview showing Damon out of commission at the hands of original vampire Rebekah.  I have some unfinished business with Damon Salvatore, Rebekah tells her brother Klaus.

Scorned Rebekah is punishing him for his misdeeds, Plec explains with a clip of Damon being chained up with animal traps. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned definitely applies, says Plec.

Tune in to the CW tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST to find out if Mystic Falls will finally be rid of the original vampires.