The Vampire Diaries season three finale airs on May 10, and the preview reveals that anything can happen to the Mystic Falls crew. Read on as we break down the preview bit by bit to see what might really happen next week.


The last preview for the season shows Alaric meeting up with Jeremy and telling him that we need to talk. This past week viewers witnessed Alaric turn into a brutal vampire killing machine, more than willing to torture and hurt the people he used to care about.

While fans now know that Alaric's ring allowed Esther to tamper with his mind, what we don't know is how Jeremy is able to walk away scotch free from his magic ring deaths.

Could Alaric be just trying to persuade him to help him kill the vampires? Or did Jeremy's brush with death this past Thursday help send him over to the dark side with Alaric?

Due to the camera cutting to the magic stake in Alaric's hand, I personally have a feeling that Alaric and the dark magic behind him might be attempting to lure Jeremy onto Alaric's vampire killing team.


I will do everything in my power to make sure we all come back, Stefan seductively whispers to Elena. But where would they be coming back from? The end of last week's episode showed Stefan and Damon driving off to dispose of Klaus' body. With Elena collapsing with blood trickling down her nose, is it possible that the Salvatore brothers scrapped their disposal plan to come back to their dream girl?

It wouldn't be the first time that the Salvatore's put something important on hold for their beloved Elena, so it wouldn't come as a surprise if viewers find out that Klaus' body is still lingering somewhere in Mystic Falls while they tend to her.

With crazed Alaric on the loose, it's my theory that the Salvatore's must leave town ASAP before Alaric stakes Klaus and destroys the entire vampire blood line.


In an odd blue lighting, the preview shows Damon walking down an unfamiliar corridor with Bonnie. 

Damon also gets some serious heat from Alaric, who definitely does not treasure their former friendship anymore.

While the butt-kicking from Alaric looks pretty painful, I don't think any of the Salvatore brothers will be dying (the ultimate death) anytime soon.


Where has Elijah been? My personal favorite original vampire makes a dashing return to the Vampire Diaries season finale, questioning whether the Salvatore's and Elena are willing to trust him. Elijah could be asking them to trust him on one of two things: Disposing of Klaus or Killing Alaric.

It's really up in the air if the Mystic Falls gang will decide to trust Elijah. Last time Elijah told Elena to trust him, she ended up thrown in a cave with a psycho Rebekah waiting for the call to kill her.


Elijah isn't the only original vampire to return. Last week Rebekah skipped town after discovering that her mother created an Alaric vampire killing machine before she died. Rebekah is back, and from the clip it looks like she might be a little upset that Klaus is dead.

With Elena and Matt driving over Wickery Bridge, an angry Rebekah steps into the middle of the road. Matt, look out, Elena yells as Matt veers off the bridge to avoid colliding with Rebekah. Not the brightest move on Elena's part for yelling and Matt for swerving because Rebekah is a vampire and can't be killed by a slight run in with a vehicle.

Elena/The Bridge

The scene with Elena and Matt driving off the bridge has been teased a couple weeks ago, when the stars of the show revealed that some of the season finale scenes included them scuba diving. Fans of the series know that before the show picked up, Elena's parent's car had driven off the bridge after they went to pick her up late from a party. The reason for the car driving off the bridge has never been explained, but a potential flashback in the season finale could explain it all to viewers.

When the show first started it was also revealed that Stefan actually saved Elena from the water during the car crash. Since Paul Wesley admitted that he has been scuba diving for the show, we might get to see Stefan repeat his heroic save during the season finale.

A flashback can certainly be guaranteed since a casting call revealed they were looking for actors with scuba diving experience to play Elena's parents.

Maybe I'm right...maybe I'm wrong. Either way the preview shows that the season three finale of the Vampire Diaries is a must watch. The Vampire Diaries season three finale airs Thursday, May 10 at 8 p.m.

What do you think will happen in the season finale?