A handful of Mystic Falls residents have faced the horrifying vampire transition phase throughout the past three seasons of "The Vampire Diaries." Now, when the CW series returns on Oct. 11 for its fourth season, viewers will see Elena struggle with the news that she will be 18-years-old...forever.

"The Vampire Diaries" had fans shocked in the last few minutes of the season three finale when Elena drowned after Rebekah forced her and Matt to drive off Wickery Bridge. While her death came as a shock, it was her lifeless body reawakening and taking in a gasping breath that really had viewers on the edge of their seats.

This upcoming season numerous spoilers revealed that Elena will be forced to deal with her new blood hungry lifestyle, but what hasn't been revealed is exactly how she will cope with it. Fortunately "The Vampire Diaries" realizes how little patience their fans have and released a new preview from the season four premiere, "Growing Pains."

Probably like what most of us imagine death being like, the video starts with nothing but a white, bright light. Birds can be heard chirping, a lawn mower can be heard buzzing, the sound of a chainsaw rips through the air and police sirens howl. The video cuts to Elena waking up, gasping for air and looking around startled. The Salvatore brothers would never let her wake up alone though.

"Stefan," Elena says timidly.

"Right here," he says soothingly, "You've been in and out for hours."

Getting right down to it, Elena asks the important question that got her waking up scared..."What happened?"

Stefan tells Elena that she has been in an accident, and her injuries and well-being is not the first thing that comes to her mind next. "Oh my god, Matt," she says jumping up a little. "Is he..."

"Alive?" the ever sassy Damon asks her from a corner of her room. "Ask Stefan...the hero."

The next few seconds in the clip are exactly why fans are in love with the show. Innocent Elena shakes her head, glad to cast her worries aside over Matt's safety, but then something else comes to mind. "How did you..."

"Save you?" Damon finishes for her. "He didn't."

Stefan fills Elena in on how she ended up with vampire blood in her system before she died (it's Damon's blood by the way), and reality finally starts sinking in.

"Oh my god," she exclaims with fear in her eyes. "Does that mean.... Am I dead?"

Fans of "The Vampire Diaries" won't have to wait long to see Elena struggle with her decision to complete the vampire transition or end her life. Season four of "The Vampire Diaries" premieres at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 11 on the CW.

Watch the video below.