“Vampire Diaries” fans thought they learned the backstory of Silas in season 4, but they were dead wrong. In season 5 episode 3, “Original Sin,” the true story of Silas and his immortality was revealed … and it is JUICY!

After drowning in the quarry all summer Stefan was finally rescued by a mysterious woman named Tessa. But Tessa wasn’t always Tessa … she used to be known as Qetsiyah.

If the name Qetsiyah sounds familiar it’s because she was witch who cursed Silas. However the story isn’t exactly the one that was told in season 4. According to Qetsiyah, the real story is that her and Silas were two of the most powerful travelers in Ancient Greece 2000 years ago. Engaged to be married, Silas told Qetsiyah that he wanted to find a way for them to be together forever. Believing that he was her one true love, Qetsiyah created an elixir that they would take on their wedding day. However Qetsiyah was tricked by Silas, who took the elixir and abandoned her at the alter to be with HIS real true love – Qetsiyah’s hand maiden, Amara.

The twist? Amara looks exactly like Elena and Katherine.

Qetsiyah explains that doppelgangers were created as a ripple affect from Amara and Silas upsetting the balance of nature with the elixir – which is why Elena, Katherine and Stefan are linked together.

When Qetsiyah discovered that Silas had run off with her hand maiden she visited him and offered two gifts. The first gift was the cure for immortality and the second gift was Amara’s heart. Enraged over his betrayal, Qetsiyah had murdered Amara, slitting her throat and cutting out her heart. She wanted Silas to take the cure to give up his immortality and give their love a second chance as humans. However Silas refused, which is why Qetsiyah created the barrier to keep him from being with Amara.

Gone for 2000 years, Qetsiyah took advantage of Bonnie lowering the veil. Since her hunters failed to kill Silas, she decided it was time to take care of it in person. The only problem now is that Silas has gained an immeasurable amount of strength while locked in the tomb.

Qetsiyah’s plan is still a little foggy, but the witch needed Damon to bring Katherine to her – which is why she planted the dreams of Stefan in both Elena and Katherine’s head.

Unfortunately for her, Damon’s the only one that showed up thanks to a run in with Nadia, a vampire bounty hunter.

The witch performed a spell linking Stefan to Silas as a way to weaken the immortal. With Stefan unconscious, Qetsiyah took the time to reveal some pretty jaw dropping information to Damon: She’s been watching Stefan’s and Elena’s find each other for centuries. Supposedly destiny has been trying to get the pair together forever and the universe is working against Damon and Elena.

Currently the situation is that Silas wants to destroy the supernatural limbo so that he can finally pass on and find peace. While it’s unsure how he will destroy the barrier, once he does he will need to take the cure … and it turns out that the cure did not disappear with Katherine. Instead Katherine’s blood is now the cure.

As for Damon and Elena? Damon’s a little moody about the current situation of being a “lost cause” but is reassured by Elena’s love for him. Telling her that he wants to build a future with her and that she is his “life,” the pair are interrupted when Stefan wakes up … with his memory erased.

 What do you think of the new information revealed in episode 2, “Original Sin”?