The CW can be so cruel. “The Vampire Diaries” is once again on a brief hiatus and won’t be airing its highly anticipated eighteenth episode on April 3. Instead fans of the series will have to wait until April 17 to find out what kind of problems the Mystic Falls gang will run into in “Resident Evil.”

According to a leaked synopsis for episode 18, Damon’s worst nightmare will be coming true: Elena and Stefan will be having “unsettling dreams of an alternate version of the life they might have had together.” Definitely sounds like a dream come true for Stelena shippers, however this is just another knife in the back for Delena fans – especially after their brutal break up. But in usual “Vampire Diaries” fashion, the Damon, Elena and Stefan love triangle is far from the only dramatic thing going on.

The Other Side

As “Vampire Diaries” fans saw in episode 17, the Other Side is definitely taking a toll on Bonnie, and things might be getting worse. Grams will reappear to warn Bonnie about “frightening changes” on the Other Side, and the encounter will definitely leave Bonnie shaken and disturbed.


From the start Enzo has seemed to have his own agenda, and it was revealed in episode 17. The Augustine vampire wants to find a woman that he loved while being held captive at Whitmore college – and the Travelers claim to know where she is. While Caroline learned about Enzo’s plan last episode, Damon will learn about it in episode 18 … and also receive some “unwanted relationship advice.”

The Witches

Viewers have no idea what to think about Liv and Luke. The witchy siblings seem to flip flop between being good and evil. And while Elena and Damon don’t trust them after the little woodshop incident in episode 17, Jeremy seems to think that they could be helpful.

Liv will be looking to Matt, Jeremy and Tyler for help in tracking the Travelers and keeping them from “taking control of Mystic Falls.” Jeremy willingly jumps on board with the task … something that hurts Bonnie when she finds out that her boyfriend has been doing this behind her back.

Traveler 101

Who are the Travelers and what do they want? “Vampire  Diaries” fans have been asking this question for weeks, and it appears as if an answer might be revealed in “Resident Evil.”

According to the synopsis, Luke will show up at the Salvatore house to tell Damon, Elena and Enzo everything he knows about Markos and the Travelers. Can he be trusted? Viewers will have to wait to find out, but Damon will have a special meeting with Markos that could shed even more light on the Traveler’s secret agenda. The encounter with Markos will leave Damon “both relieved and disturbed” by what the new big bad had to say.

Danger Danger

As if a new villain in town wasn’t enough, Matt is going to find himself in a bit of trouble … again. Innocent Matt will have a “terrifying encounter with inhabitants of the Other Side.” Who might that be? After watching the juicy Paley Fest promo video, fans are speculating that Matt might have a run in with an old Mystic Falls favorite – Kol Mikaelson! Yes, the Original vampire that can’t seem to stay dead!

“There’s a scene between Matt and someone else that I can’t name and there’s a whole sequence and it’s a beautiful sequence,” Stefan’s Paul Wesley dished to E! News of episode 18, which he also directed. “It’s very action-packed. I really enjoyed it.”

You can watch episode 18 of “The Vampire Diaries” when it airs on The CW on April 17 at 8 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in “Resident Evil”? Are you excited for the return of Grams and Kol? Watch the episode 18 promo video below and let us know your thoughts by sending a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.