Holy doppelganger drama! Episode 7 of “The Vampire Diaries” introduced new problems for the Mystic Falls crew, and of course there is never a quick fix. So, what happened in “Death and the Maiden?" We’re breaking down the top six moments:

Katherine’s Ailment

Katherine has had a couple of serious problems since having the cure drained from her. With her hair turning grey and her teeth falling out, the Petrova doppelganger is not a happy camper. Turning to Dr. Maxfield for help to figure out what’s ailing her, the Whitmore College professor had interesting news … she’s aging. After stalling aging for 500 years, now Katherine’s human time is catching up to her.

“How do we stop it?” she asks Dr. Maxfield.

“We don’t,” he responds. “It’s just life running its course … quicker than normal.”

How long does Katherine have? Maxfield estimates a few months.

Amara’s Ability

Locked in a cell in the Salvatores' basement, Amara is desperate to die. But Damon, Elena and Stefan can’t let that happen just yet because she’s the only thing holding together the other side. As long as Amara is alive the other side exists … and they still need to get Bonnie back. Unfortunately Silas fell through on his promise to bring back Bonnie (surprise, surprise!), but the gang has a new plan after Jeremy and Bonnie have an interesting conversation with Amara. It turns out that Amara can see and touch Bonnie. As the anchor she has one foot on each side – with the humans and with the supernatural.

Damon visits Tessa and proposes a new plan that will benefit them both – if Tessa makes Bonnie the new anchor, she can keep Silas and Amara apart … forever.

Silas Vs. Stefan

Since regaining his memory, Stefan has been having constant nightmares about Silas and drowning. And Stefan only sees one solution to his problems. “I need to be the one to kill him,” Stefan tells Elena and Damon. “End of story,”

While Elena tries to convince him otherwise, Stefan warns her that if he doesn’t kill Silas he’s going to lose his mind … or turn off his humanity.

A Series Of Deaths … And Bonnie’s New Problem

Getting blood from all three of the Petrova doppelgangers, Tessa manages to start the spell to swap anchors. But thanks to the arrival of Silas -- and Stefan’s need for revenge -- their plan gets a minor hiccup.

Stefan kidnaps Amara, leading Silas to chase after her. When he does find Amara, she begs him to kill her. And although it’s a tough act for him to do, he’s about to cut her throat when Stefan stops him.

The doppelgangers get in a brawl with Stefan using his vampire strength and Silas using his witch powers. But in the end, it's Stefan who manages to end Silas’ life with a blade to the chest.

Following the death of Silas, an upset Amara finally finds the strength to end her own life and takes that same blade and plunges it into her stomach. But unfortunately for Amara and Silas, destiny was not on their side. With Amara’s last gasps of air, Tessa was able to complete the spell to make Bonnie the new anchor  … and separate Silas and Amara forever. Finally able to find happiness in the fact that Silas and Amara will never be together, Tessa kills herself.

But Bonnie’s new life comes with a price. “You’ll feel every death,” Tessa tells Bonnie on the other side.  “Sorry. Its gonna hurt like a b**ch.”

Nadia’s Heartbreak

Katherine’s been avoiding Nadia since their heart-to-heart, but her daughter isn’t giving up on her. With Bonnie’s return, Katherine is once again without a roof above her head. But Nadia packs her bags and makes her mother an offer.

“I’m leaving,” she tells Katherine of her plan to head back to Prague. “I’d really like it if you came with me.”

Proposing a plan to return to Bulgaria and retrace their history, Katherine refuses.

“I would rather rip my own heart out than do more mother-daughter bonding with you,” she tells Nadia. “I don’t want to know you. I’m doing you a favor, Nadia. Okay? I can’t be there for you. So take a good look, because you are never going to see me again.”

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