With just a few months before Season 7 of “The Vampire Diaries” (TVD) premieres on The CW network, fans are eagerly awaiting to find out what will happen to the beloved characters in the hit series. Showrunners Julie Plec and Caroline Dries have already given fans several teasers and tidbits about Season 7, along with the revelation of new characters to join the gang. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), “The Vampire Diaries” executive producer, Dries, revealed more details about the upcoming Season 7 premiere. Part of the information she shared was the addition of six new heretics, composed of three women and three men. 

The identities of the three lady villains were previously revealed by executive producer Plec in July. Actresses Elizabeth Blackmore, Scarlett Byrne and Teressa Liane will play the three new lady heretics namely Valerie, Nora and Mary Louise, respectively. 

As for the three new male heretics, MTV has listed down the identities of these "TVD" characters as well as the actors who will play them. First is actor Jaiden Kaine, who starred in Ridley Scott’s “Killing Lincoln.” Kaine will portray the character Beau, whom showrunner Dries described during her THR interview as “Lily’s henchman-y guy.”

She added that aside from the character being “very loyal and mysterious,” Beau is also “very scary and weird.” The second male heretic is Malcolm, who, according to Dries, is “kiss-up, Lily’s pet.” This new “The Vampire Diaries” heretic will reportedly be played by Justice Leak.

Lastly, “The Mentalist” actor Tim Kang will play the role of the “mysterious” Oscar.  Dries teased that Oscar “is only mentioned in the premiere.” She added, “We're wondering where is that guy? But he's a real trip when you meet him."

With the new heretics set to join the show, it seems that Season 7 of “The Vampire Diaries” will provide another exciting ride for loyal "TVD" viewers. Fans would have to wait until the series’ return to find out how the story will progress for their beloved "TVD" characters.

“The Vampire Diaries” Season 7 is scheduled to premiere on The CW network on Oct. 8.