“Vampire Diaries” fans can’t deny that Candice Accola’s Caroline is absolutely fabulous. The blonde vampire is sassy, a devoted friend, and has killer style … which you can steal.

In episode 18 of Season 5, Caroline wore an eye-catching silver necklace that fans can actually purchase. The necklace can be seen on the college vamp as she tries to calm Elena down about her steamy Stefan alternate-reality dreams. But as “Vampire Diaries” viewers know, the dreams were not related to the fact that Elena had just ended things with Damon … they were caused by the big bad Traveler leader, Markos.

Traveler and Stelena drama aside, the necklace Caroline wore is called “The Dark Moon Necklace” – which seems pretty fitting considering her rocky relationship with Tyler. While the couple has been on the outs since Tyler found out about Caroline’s scandalous hookup with Klaus, he did give his ex a call to warn her about Sheriff Forbes' bloody run-in with a Passenger. Unfortunately the call was a bit of a setup – because it was revealed that Tyler has become possessed by the Passenger that had been inside Forbes.

“The Dark Moon Necklace” is handmade and features a “faceted black spinel gemstone framed by an ornate silver disc.” Coming with a 16-inch sterling silver chain, the necklace worn by Caroline is available on Etsy.

The necklace was created by designer/artist Julie Ellyn, whose jewelry has a history of appearing on “The Vampire Diaries." Accola’s character can be seen wearing a pair of Ellyn’s earrings in Season 5, episode 8, and Nina Dobrev’s Elena has rocked the designer’s “Goddess Bracelet” in a couple of episodes in Season 4.

Meanwhile, we have bad news for those hoping to buy Caroline’s cute purple tank top from episode 18. According to Shop Your TV, the open-back peplum top by Free People is sold out.