Vanessa Bolano, a reporter for ABC affiliate WGNO in New Orleans, was working on a story about a haunted plantation only to discover she had captured what she believes is a ghost on film while editing her video.

Bolano went to the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, La., which according to legends, has been haunted for years. The reporter recorded a traditional news standup in the home on the plantation and thought nothing of it, until she discovered a mysterious apparition behind her while editing her video.

Bolano now believes she recorded a floating image of a ghost.

“This thing flew threw quickly,” Bolano told the New York Daily News. “We have the ability to go through frame by frame. … In one of the frames, when you stop it, it looks like the profile of a woman’s face.”

While many may think Bolano's story is insane, or a publicity stunt for her special which airs Friday, plantation tour guide Mark Leonard told the Daily News that this isn't the first time a ghost appeared in a reporter's video.

Leonard said guests at the plantation, which now operates as a bed-and-breakfast, see ghosts and objects moving around in mid air frequently. Some have event said ghosts have attacked them while they were asleep.

“Every weekend since I’ve been here, we have stories of people having encounters with the paranormal," he said. “I’ve seen hundreds of photographs taken by our guests and I’ve seen videos taken by our guests where you see actual historical figures showing up in the background."

According to legend, 12 ghosts haunt the grounds of the Myrtles Plantation, which was built 215 years ago by a general named David Bradford. Nowadays, the home is called the most haunted home in America, after strange happenings occurred over the years.

The Daily Mail alleged the ghost in Bolano's video could have been the legend of the slave girl named Chloe, who had her ear cut off as punishment for eavesdropping. Chloe reportedly later baked a poisonous cake and fed it to her owners, who then died.