“Veep” Season 6 is coming soon, and Tony Hale (Gary Walsh) has offered a few details about his character’s new journey.

Speaking to TVLine, the actor said Gary will be like a fish out of water when the new season starts, but he will not be alone in his dilemma. All of the characters who were connected to Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and even Selina herself, will find trouble adjusting to life after their short stint in the White House.

“It’s kind of opening up a whole new world of ‘What do these people do after the were president of the United States?’” Hale said. “It’s like they don’t know how to be themselves maybe.”

While seeing how the characters adjust to their new lives will be exciting to watch, there are other fun moments fans can look forward to. Teasing details of the upcoming installment, director Dale Stern told The Daily Caller that fans will also enjoy what Jonah (Timothy Simmons) and his staff will have to offer.

Speaking of the overall theme of the upcoming season, Stern said: “I don’t know what’s planned for next season. You know, it’s framed with certain ideas. It’s a whole new world and a whole new beginning for the show. It’s outrageous. It’s hysterical. It’s going to be very fun to work and play with it.”

What fans should keep an eye out for the most, though, is Selina’s impending breakdown. The character has been known for her lack of grace when it comes to facing defeat, so seeing her come to terms with the idea that she is no longer relevant would be rather interesting. Series showrunner David Mandel also told Bustle that Selina will find it difficult to handle the thought that some people think rather lowly of her.

Catch “Veep” Season 6 when it airs in 2017 on HBO.