Right after offering the HTC 10 with $100 off, Verizon is back with a new promotional sale covering flagship smartphones from various OEMs. However, this is a limited period offer.

Verizon is now offering the Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, LG V10, LG G4 and the HTC 10 with a significant discount of $100.

Interested buyers should, however, note that Verizon’s $100 discount is applicable only for online purchases. Buyers can also opt for monthly payment plans instead of buying it outright by paying the full amount. Verizon’s official website also says in addition to the $100 discount, customers will also get their activation and upgrade fees waived.

However, readers should note that to become eligible for this promotional deal, buyers have to activate the purchased device under a new device plan. Plus, Verizon has not indicated the promotional deal’s end date yet.

Out of the handsets listed under Verizon’s discount ambit, HTC 10 is the latest one released not long ago in April. While the original price of the latest HTC 10 is $648 without any contract, Verizon’s promotional deal will get the handset for $548.

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, on the other hand, come for $549.99 and $449.99, respectively. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 can be purchased at a reduced price of $476 and $596, respectively.

The secondary-display-clad LG V10, on the other hand, will set the buyers back by $572. The LG G4 is now retailing at a discounted price of $356.