While most people are off Wednesday, it's more than just a break from the work day or school. To find out more about Veterans Day, continue reading some fun facts and trivia below, courtesy of Chicago Now, Accurate Court Reporting and History.com.

1. What is Veterans Day? Veterans Day, also known as “Armistice Day,” pays tribute to Americans who served or are currently serving in a branch of the Armed Forces.

2. Who is a veteran? A veteran is anyone, living or dead, who served in a branch of the Armed Forces.

3. When did Veterans Day become a national holiday? Veterans Day didn’t become national holiday until 1938. However, the first observance was Nov. 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. It has been celebrated on Nov. 11 since President Gerald Ford made it a law in 1975.

4. Why is it Veterans Day and not Veteran’s Day? The apostrophe is not needed because the day does not belong to veterans; it’s a day to honor veterans, the Office of of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs said. Both Veteran’s Day and Veterans’ Day are wrong.

5. How many veterans are alive in the U.S. today? There is an estimated 21.9 million veterans, according to a 2009 report.

6. What’s the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day? Many people confuse the two. While Veterans Day is to thank service members, both living and dead, Memorial Day remembers those who died in service to the country.

7. What war had the largest amount of American Armed Forces? More than 16 million Americans joined the service for World War II, according to the 2009 Veterans Day Teacher Resource Guide. Over 1.7 million WWII veterans were still alive, CNN reported in June 2013.

8. Which state has the largest number of veterans? With 2 million veterans, California has the highest number. Texas and Florida come in second with 1.6 million veterans, the Census Bureau reported.

9. Am I off from school or work? Since it’s a State and Federal holiday, many people have a day off on Nov. 11.

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