The coalition said on on Sunday it would provide $150 million for ambulance services in Victoria if it wins at the November state election.

At least 340 new ambulance officers will be given to Victorians if a coalition government wins. It would hire 310 new paramedics and 30 new patient transport officers.

The ambulance officers will be scattered across the state, with 100 for Melbourne and 240 for regiona Victoria.

Fifty new officers will be displaced at Barwon South West region, 49 each to be placed at Grampians in the west and in Loddon Malle region, 46 to Hume in the northeast and 46 to Gippsland in the east.

The recent government has been scrutinized about ambulance services, with several people not getting propoer treatment and died after long waits for ambulances in regional Victoria.

A victim recently died of a heart attack after waiting 38 minutes for paramedics in Ballarat.

A similar situation also happened when a five-year old Gippsland boy died after waiting 65 minutes for a specialist ambulance.

Nationalist Leader Peter Ryan admitted there has been various “distresisng and disastrous incidents.”

Victoria's ambulance service crisis has hit both regional and metropolitan Victoria, Mr Ryan said in a statement.

Lives are at risk because of (Premier) John Brumby and Labor's failure to properly manage Victoria's ambulance services.

Coalition leader Ted Baillieu said the Liberal-National government would provide a $3 million fund to recruit and relocate paramedics to regional Victoria and track down New Zealand paramedic graduates to be included in their “urgent” recruitment drive.

The additional ambulance officers will be deployed across the state in a rapid effort to reverse the ambulance crisis created and neglected by John Brumby over the past 11 years, Mr Baillieu said.

The government has denied allegations that ambulance service is in crisis because it displaced more than 1,400 paramedics across the state.

However, Mr. Brumby suddenly announced to boost the country ambulance services after a victim in Ballarat died after waiting for 38 minutes for an ambulance.