Victoria Beckham has been successful in growing her clothing line into a fashion empire and revealed in an interview that she may expand into a beauty line soon. The former singer has also shared her views over criticisms that she used "skeletal" models during her last fashion show.

Over the years, Victoria has transformed herself from a performer and former “Spice Girls” member, into the fashion designer and businesswoman that she is now. In an interview with the Telegraph, Victoria talked about the success of her clothing line, along with plans to expand the main line’s sister label “Victoria, Victoria Beckham” into a more budget friendly collection. 

Victoria told Telegraph, “[I’d] like to work with a high-street brand to offer designer clothes to women who either can’t afford them or don’t want to pay designer prices, so I can reach out to women all around the world, no matter what their budget.”

She also commented on a possible beauty line expansion for her label. Victoria mentioned that the business venture is something that she might “go into at some point.”

Meanwhile, Victoria’s recent New York fashion show has also caught the attention of some critics, particularly on the thin fashion models she used during the show. Most of the criticisms were on model Peyton Knight who, along with other models, were labeled by critics as “skeletal.”

In response to the criticisms, Victoria told Telegraph that she “wasn’t the only designer to use” Knight and it also wasn’t the said model’s first time to do a fashion show. “Our casting director spoke to the [model] agencies, and we know that all our girls are healthy,” she explained.

“They’re young, they’re thin, but that doesn’t mean they’re ill,” she added. “People are mean on social media, whoever you are. It’s a shame people have to be that way.”

In other news, the former “Posh Spice’s” husband, David Beckham, has been named People magazine’s 2015 Sexiest Man Alive. When People magazine asked Victoria how she feels about her husband’s latest accomplishment, she admitted that it’s not her husband’s body that she finds sexy.

"I think it's very attractive in a man when they have strong family values, good morals, a great work ethic...” she said. "I'm proud of David as a parent – he's a really great dad."

However, she did reveal that she loves everything about David and conceded that her husband is one of the hottest men today. Victoria stated, “He does look after himself, he's got a great body, dresses really well, and has got a great smile. So I suppose it's everything."