With college sports mired in controversy around the country, one seven-year-old allowed everyone to take pause.

Jack Hoffman, who is currently undergoing treatment for brain cancer, pulled off a 69-yard dash Saturday during Nebraska’s spring practice game.

Last year, senior running back Rex Burkhead started “Team Jack” to help Hoffman, and it has since inspired the entire program.

In the third quarter, quarterback Taylor Martinez handed off to Hoffman at the 31-yard line and the rest of the team cleared a lane for the tike.

Draped in Burkhead's No. 22 jersey, Hoffman ran down 69-yards for a touchdown, and was then mobbed and hoisted up by the entire team.

"I had to follow 31, he handed the ball off to me," Jack said to 1011 Now.

"It's awesome. Jack is such a strong kid and to see him run around and enjoy the Husker experience, it's a dream come true," Burkhead said.

Hoffman was just four yards shy of Burkhead's longest run of the 2012 season.

The video below shows Hoffman’s amazing and inspirational run.