In one of the most improbable and unlikely losses in UFC history, Anderson Silva was knocked out by American Chris Weidman in the second round of their middleweight championship bout on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

Rather than be distracted or fazed by Silva’s taunts, Weidman powered through with straight jab after straight jab. While Silva pretended to be hurt, Weidman connected late in the second round and handed Silva the first loss of his UFC career.

“The Spider’s” consecutive winning streak ended at 16, and so did his record of 10 straight title defenses. Silva had also never been knocked out in his career until last night. Weidman remains undefeated at 10-0 in his short UFC career.

Originally, Weidman was seen as just another fighter in Silva’s way that would eventually fall and help the Brazilian pad his already rich legacy.

But there was some foreshadowing in the first round that Weidman was on his way to the title upset. He completed a takedown of Silva in the first, and landed several blows with the champion on the ground. Silva was able to limit the takedown’s effectiveness with his long legs, but the move might have caught him off guard.

Still, it didn’t stop Silva from taunting Weidman, which would eventualy be his downfall.

The video below shows some of the highlights.