The Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders were involved in a fight at training camp on Tuesday while the two teams competed in a joint practice in Oxnard, California. A brawl broke out after Dallas cornerback Morris Claiborne celebrated his tackle of Oakland tight end Mychal Rivera.

Before the start of practice, the two sides had agreed not to tackle each other. Wide receiver Greg Little pushed Claiborne, and a fight quickly broke out. The brawl spilled over towards the fence where fans had been watching the scrimmage.

The players weren’t the only ones who were involved in the incident. A Raiders fan tried to join in on the action, reaching over the fence and hitting Cowboys cornerback B.W. Webb. At one point, the fan even took a swing at Webb with a helmet that he was holding. Webb lunged at the fan, and the two were separated.  

"That's definitely a dangerous situation," Webb said. "I don't know why fans would want to jump on this side of the fence. I don't think they'd like it too much on this side."