A growing trend among video game aficionados is cutting and editing video game scenes into feature-length movies. With the popularity and number of video games still on the rise, gamers, potential gamers and people just interested in a story, but who don’t have the time to play through a game, have turned to these fan-edited videos. What’s surprising is how well the stories in these games hold together, despite the interactive aspect being disconnected. Where this growing trend really shines is its ability to reconnect people to games that they might not have access to anymore, such as the older "Final Fantasy" series. However, even modern games such as "Bioshock Infinite" have enjoyed growing interest thanks to these cut-scene videos. Unlike traditional playthrough videos, the goal of these videos isn't to just to show gameplay but attempt to give a similar, if not the same, immersion one would get if he or she were playing the game.

It goes without saying that if you’re not interested in spoiling your game experience, you probably don't want to watch any of these videos. But if you want to see what a game is about without putting tons of hours into gameplay, take a look at some of these fan-edited videos.