The world's oldest person, Gertrude Baines, died Friday at the age of 115 in Los Angeles.

Baines became famous last November when she went to the polls and cast her vote for Barack Obama for president, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The world's oldest person likely suffered a heart attack, said her longtime physician, Dr. Charles Witt. An autopsy was scheduled to determine the cause of death, the Associated Press reported.

Baines, who remarked last year that she enjoyed life so much she wouldn't mind living another 100 years often ate crispy bacon, fried chicken and ice cream.

The Shellman, Ga., native, whose father was believed to have been a slave, was born April 6, 1894, when the U.S. flag had 44 stars and Grover Cleveland was president.

The centenarian outlived each of her relatives including her only daughter who died of typhoid at 18.

Watch the video of her 115th birthday: