Oregon is in the news--and it's not because of Sarah Phillips. An Oregon mom has posted a hilarious video of her son Jack at the Oregon Zoo in Portland.

The video entitled Lion Tries To Eat Baby Part 1 shows the usually lazy lioness Kya, as she desperately tries to eat the child though the glass of her enclosure. The child, Jack, just to happens to be dressed similar to a zebra in a black and white stripped hoodie.

At only 36 seconds long, the video manages to give viewers a good laugh as the African lion continuously swipes at the glass, only pausing to attempt to get to the child with its mouth.

A second video entitled Lion Tries To Eat Baby Part 2 shows Jack fearlessly greeting the Kya through the glass. Jack nonchalantly taps the glass while the lion watches in fascination...and then attempts attacking again.

According to the Oregon Zoo's site, Kya was born in 2007, and came from Wisconsin's Racine Zoo. The zoo website states that they regularly feed her and the two other African lions residing at the zoo whole prey items, generally rabbits and cow calves.

Kim Smith, the Director of the Oregon Zoo said that four-year-old Kya (who will be turning five this Septmber) is just a very playful, young animal. Lions are just cats, they are very playful but they are a predator. Smith said that when Kya and lions like her see something small and active it's in their nature to try and attack it.

The zoo's website states that carnivores generally prey on zebras, which would make sense why Kya was attempting to attack the child who was wearing zebra-esque clothing.

For those worried about the child's safety, Smith assures that the glass is well tested and installed specifically for lions.