Here is a Chinese video (with English subtitles) which animated the Operation AntiSec plotted by the hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous.

The caption reads,

Internet jester Lulzsec has joined forces with hacktivist group Anonymous for what they are calling Operation AntiSec.

The new target is government organizations all over the world. Lulzsec is calling for all hackers to put aside past grievances and join the fight. After their recent high-profile hacking of Sony and the CIA garnered a lot of media attention, Lulzsec defended their actions.

But rival hackers the Web Ninjas have set out to unmask Lulzsec.

According to Lulzsec, their next targets might not be a government agency after all, but the hackers who hacked their beloved SEGA.

LulzSec has recently caught a global attention by its notorious high-profile hacking attacks against government among many other websites.