Fans who were wondering just what NFL players were saying on the sidelines during games this season don’t have to wonder anymore. The latest “Bad Lip Reading” video dropped today for the 2014 NFL season, and it features some hilarious lines from some of the league’s biggest stars like Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, Dez Bryant, Tony Romo, and lots more.

For anyone unfamiliar with the videos that premiered two years ago from the YouTube channel “Bad Lip Reading,” the 4:02-long clip plays like a wild game of “Mad Libs,” filling NFL players’ mouths with utter nonsense.

The first video has more than 59 million views on YouTube, and the follow up picked up another 28.4 million and counting. The latest figures to put up equally high numbers as fans prepare for the biggest game of the season, Super Bowl XLIX.

The majority of the quick cuts take advantage of players like Bryant, and head coaches like Jim Harbaugh, wildly gesticulating on the sideline.

Romo has a stretch in the video of about 12 seconds making funny calls at the line of scrimmage. Newton may have had the best lines, at one point telling the tale of a Syrian prince.

Check out the full video below.