On Monday, the sports world was shocked to discover that Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito used a racial slur to describe teammate Jonathan Martin on a voicemail. Now, it appears that this wasn’t a one-time incident.

TMZ has obtained a video of the Pro Bowl lineman using the N-word in public. The footage, which was taken months ago, shows a shirtless Incognito running around a Fort Lauderdale pool hall. He appears to be enraged and can be heard screaming “Mike Pouncey, N****!”

Pouncey is mentioned in the post on the Dolphins message board that may have been created by Incognito’s father. In the post, idrd1994 accuses the Miami center of doing drugs with Martin.

“Demand an immediate piss test on Martin and Pouncey, two black brothers that do drugs on a regular basis,” writes idrd1994.

Incognito has been suspended from the team as the organization investigates his alleged bullying of Martin. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that NFL officials and members of the Dolphins organization have heard tapes of Incognito using racial slurs on multiple occasions.