Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski visited the University of Rhode Island on Thursday to talk to the school's students.

It's not exactly clear what Gronkowski spoke to the students about for the majority of his time there, but at one point he took questions from the students.

One girl threw out the names Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan, and Betty White, asking Gronk to decide which one he would F, marry or kill.

New England's tight end jokingly said he would have sex with Tebow.

Well, I would F Tebow to take his virginity.

The response drew a lot of applause and laughs from the crowd of students. Tim Tebow is a noted virgin, saving himself for marriage because of his religious beliefs.

The same can't be said for Gronkowski. He's a known partier, and has been linked to porn star Bibi Jones.

Below is the video of Gronkowski's comments about Tebow: