Shane McMahon returned to WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” for the first time in nearly six years, setting up one of the top matches for WrestleMania 32. Vince McMahon announced that his son would have a Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker at the biggest pay-per-view of 2016 with a major stipulation involved.

As Stephanie McMahon was accepting the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence award, Shane interrupted his sister and headed to the ring. After the crowd serenaded him with cheers, Shane told Vince that he wanted control of “Raw.” Once Shane accepted Vince’s terms that he would have to first win a match against an opponent of the CEO’s choosing, Vince said Shane would be The Deadman’s opponent at WrestleMania 32.

For months, there’s been speculation surrounding who might face The Undertaker on April 3 in Dallas. Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Braun Strowman and Sting had been rumored to potentially face The Undertaker. Even when it was reported last week that The Undertaker would face someone that isn’t currently on WWE’s main roster, Shane McMahon was not high on the list of potential opponents.

The Undertaker is 22-1 at WrestleMania, having beaten Bray Wyatt last year and suffering his only loss to Lesnar in 2014. Shane has had several PPV matches in WWE, but his only WrestleMania match came in 2001 when he defeated Vince McMahon.