For a solid four minutes at the Italian Open, Viktor Troicki channeled his inner John McEnroe, and may have topped the former tirade king.

After already losing the first set 6-1, and facing a break point in the first game of the second in his second round match with Ernests Gulbis, the 27-year-old Serb struck a backhand that chair umpire Cedric Mourier called out.

Mourier even came down from his chair to inspect the line and to re-confirm his call.

From there Troicki went on a four minute tantrum: “No, come on, Cedric. You know you’re wrong. Come on, you know you’re wrong. Come on, please. You know that you’re wrong.

“You called it and now you don’t want to overrule yourself. Come on, there is no space. You know there is no space. Come on, no, I don’t want to play like this. There is no space. There is zero space. … You don’t want to correct yourself … because you always think you’re right, but you’re not.”

Troicki then reached for a camera man, dragged him to the disputed spot, and had him zoom in for closer inspection.

He nearly took himself out of the match, before Mourier put an end to things with an official warning. The No. 42 ranked player in the world, Troicki continued to play on and eventually lost in straight sets.

Frustration could have gotten the better of Troicki, who has advanced beyond the second round twice in 13 events this season.