Usain Bolt further cemented his title as “The World’s Fastest Man” after claiming the 200 meters at the World Athletic Championships Thursday, but even he doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head.

After dispatching America’s Justin Gatlin with a time of 19.55 for his second gold of the games, Bolt’s celebration was cut short when a cameraman riding a Segway clipped him from behind and took his legs out from under him.

Based off the video below, the cameraman appeared to take his eyes away from his viewfinder and the Segway’s position beside the rail hugging the track to make sure his equipment was properly pointed at the jubilant and unsuspecting Bolt.

The 29-year-old Jamaican superstar, who will use his 100 and 200m victories in Beijing as a springboard to the Rio Olympics next year, was fortunately unharmed and quickly rolled and popped back up, though he did show a minor limp afterwards.

Bolt should be just fine when he squares off against Gatlin and the Americans again in the 4x100m relay later this week.