Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., a car washer from West Virginia who was once homeless, has finished his long journey to be crowned the most gifted in 'America's Got Talent' Wednesday night.

Beating teen band PopLyfe, two dance groups The Silhouette andTeam iLuminate, Murphy sang his way to victory at the NBC talent competition, taking home the $1 million and a Las Vegas headlining contract.

Thank you so much for just believing in me, said Murphy as he held his tears upon the announcement of his win.

It's been a long, hard journey, ever since I was a kid. And it's finally paying off.

At nineteen, Murphy was homeless, but finding hope in singing, he has come a long way to make his dream come true.

Murphy was born as the grandson of the late Reverend Cecil Murphy, one of the Five Pioneers, who was instrumental in his participation and growth in church and Sunday school activities, according to NBC's introduction of the singer.

Murphy has always entertained, singing the songs of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and many other amazing talents. As he continued his pursuit of his dream to do something big with his talent, he took up a car washing job in Logan, West Virginia, supporting his family of four children.

The soulful singer was praised for his million dollar performance that gave goose bumps to the judges and the audience with his rich voice as he sang Frank Sinatra's My Way on Tuesday night.

To the question of the judges asking him how the victory would change his life, this could change my life tremendously. I just want to focus on my kids' future and build a house for my family and just live life like we should be living it, said Murphy.

Wednesday night, he performed a special duet with Patti Labelle, singing You're All I Need.

Watch Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. perform My Way:

Special duet with Patti Labelle - You're All I Need

The Finale: