Nicolle Wallace has been axed as a co-host of ABC's daytime show “The View.” The news broke on Wednesday, and reports stated that Wallace was given the pink slip due to insufficient knowledge about the Kardashians and Kim’s marriage history.

Variety made an exclusive report stating that Wallace will not be returning to “The View” after having been on board for only one season. The report states that Wallace, who was hired as a “resident Republican” for the show, “underwhelmed ABC bosses by not offering enough dissent about political issues and continually voicing her lack of knowledge about celebrities.”

The Inquisitr believes that lack of celebrity knowledge pertained to Wallace and the Kardashians. Describing the reason as odd, the report states that Wallace supposedly lacked knowledge about Kim Kardashian’s marriages and as a result has lost her job. Another issue is that she has not provided a more aggressive conservative stance as a Republican compared to the show’s “progressive" hosts.

Meanwhile, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Wallace has disputed claims that she is a “Kardashian-illiterate.” She appeared on “The View” on Thursday to say that the claim “crossed a line” before speaking at length about the Kardashians.

“Don’t ever diss my Kardashian knowledge,” she said after talking about various members of the family and calling Caitlyn Jenner the most beautiful woman she ever saw.

Wallace neither confirmed nor denied the reports that she will not return as a regular panelist when the show comes back in September. Both THR and Variety report that she has been offered a spot as a contributor in some coming episodes.