“Vikings” have decided to raid Comic-Con! So, raise your battle axe and your drinking horn filled with mead because our favorite warriors and shield-maidens are giving fans an inside scoop at Season 3 during their 2014 SDCC panel. E

Not only is Travis Fimmel (Ragnar), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Clive Standen (Rollo), Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn) and the show’s writer/creator Michael Hirst divulging what viewers should expect in 2015, but an exclusive sneak peek will also be released tonight for fans to drool over. Thank the old Gods!

Check out the 15 shocking things we learned about our favorite History Channel series during tonight’s event:

1. Ragnar's Transition Into Kinghood:

2. Rollo And Ragnar’s Relationship:

3. Let’s Talk Blood And How Much Of It Fans Should Expect In Season 3:

4. More Season 3 Scoop:

5. Winnick's Advice For Her Character:

6. Hirst On Floki’s Fake-Betrayal:

7. Will Ragnar And Lagertha Ever Get Back Together?

8. Ragnar On Who The Best Kisser Is: 

9. Major Season 3 deaths:

10. Rollo’s Man Bun:

11. How The Actors Prepare For Intense Battle Scenes:

12. Ragnar vs. Rollo –- Who Would Win?

13. Brutality Of Season 3:

14. New Characters:

15.   Any Threesome News?

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