Break out your battle-axes and sharpen your swords because it’s officially time to raid the west. That’s right, our favorite History Channel series “Vikings” is back! And the historical drama will be debuting a brand new episode Thursday, April 17.

So, what will happen when episode 8, “Boneless,” airs? Well, from the two sneak peek videos leaked online we can tell a whole lot of drama is about to go down in Kattegat when Ragnar and King Horik devise their plan of seeking vengeance against King Ecbert.

Vikings Season 2 spoilers Will Ragnar and King Horik fight in episode 8 of "Vikings"? Photo: Vikings

Sneak Peek #1:

“Where is Torstein going?” King Horik asked Ragnar.

Currently, the two leaders are preparing for their journey back to Wessex. King Horik is determined to get revenge against King Ecbert for attacking his group of “Vikings” from the shadows.

“I sent him to inform the King of our return,” Ragnar replied calmly, taking a sip from his cup on the cold and rainy day.

“And you did that without consulting with me?” King Horik questioned.

“I thought you would both agree,” Ragnar said to Lagertha and the King.

The Earl of Hedeby responded that Ragnar should have discussed his plan with them. “King Horik is right,” she insisted.

“Well, I’ll try to remember that the next time,” Ragnar said childishly.

“There’s not going to be a next time, Ragnar,” King Horik proclaimed. “Unless you agree you will never ever do anything again without consulting with me first. For you and I are not equals.”


“So, what do you propose now?” Horik added.

Ragnar nonchalantly took a bit out of his chicken as he told the group they should “wait for the unexpected.”

“Let me tell you what we’ll expect,” King Horik said clearly frustrated with the situation. He explained that because King Ecbert knows they’re heading to Wessex, he’ll attempt to trick them. “Or he will send some army to annihilate us,” the King spoke loudly, throwing his axe into a tree stump before stomping out of the tent.

Sneak Peek #2:

In episode 8 fans will get to see their good friend Athelstan once again. With his hair pulled back, still seated at the right hand of King Ecbert, the former Viking attends a dinner where he meets a young lady.

“Who are you?” the mysterious woman asked.

He gives a brief description of himself, explaining that he was a monk. The girl seemed to be turned off. That’s when the King jumped in.

“Athelstan was captured by the Northman. He lived amongst them,” King Ecbert gave his version of the story. “He knows everything about their pagan way.”

Vikings Season 2 spoilers The mystery woman who flirts with Athelstan rides into King Ecbert's kingdom. Photo: Vikings

“They have a different morality to us,” Athelstan explained.

“Is it not more natural?” the new character asked.

Athelstan stuttered in an attempt to reply but ended up having a vision of himself kissing the brunette beauty. He gripped the crucifix hanging from his neck for strength. “I would only say that it was different,” he said, giving the world’s most tedious answer.

The woman called him out on his plain ways.

“How boring you are,” she said teasingly.

Are you excited for episode 8 to air? We know we’re looking forward to a Ragnar/Athelstan reunion. Will the former Viking betray the Earl of Kattegat or will he have the back of King Ecbert? Sound off in the comments section below with your predicition before “Boneless” airs.