NBC Philadelphia reports that the Delware Medical Examiner has revealed the cause of death of the 18 year old Villanova student found dead in her dorm room in late August, 2013. The medical examiner reports that Kinara Patel did in fact die of alcohol poisoning. 

Patel's body was found the morning of August 29th by a classmate in a dorm room of Sullivan Hall. Patel, who was a sophmore at the school had been out with friends in Bryn Mawr, according to Police reports. According to NBC Philadelphia, when Lt. Andy Block, an officer on the case, was questioned as to whether or not alcohol could be a contributing factor in this situation, he established that it was a possibility that officials were looking into. 

According to the autopsy report, the medical examiner concluded that Patel ingested a "lethal quantity of enthanol." Patel, a New Jersey native, was a business student at Villanova University; her death came three days afer the Fall 2013 undergraduate classes had begun. 

Alcohol consumption amoung minors is a serious issue that is addressed by many Universities across the country. More and more, young students die of this very reason. Villanova University, a Catholic University established in 1842, sent out emails to the student body describing the incident as "tragic." The Delaware Medical Examiner concluded, on Friday, that Patel died of alcohol poisoning; official statement have been realeased today.