British boxer Dereck Chisora had one of the strangest moments in the history of heavyweight boxing this morning - and for a sport that Mike Tyson competed in for the better part of a decade, that is saying something.

At a weigh-in for his fight Saturday evening in Munich, Germany against WBC Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko, Chisora slapped his opponent in the face.

Just to give you an idea of how monumentally crazy his behavior was, Chisora is a huge underdog. Bets on him are paying off between 7-1 and 10-1 right now at bookmakers throughout the United Kingdom.

Both men weighed-in at about 240 pounds, but Klitschko is seven inches taller with half a foot more reach.

Klitschko has held at least a share of the World Heavyweight Title since 2004, while Chisora has lost two of his last three fights, both decisions, to boxing luminaries Robert Helenius and Tyson Fury.

Not to take anything away from those two fighters, who have impressive careers in their own right, but they are not Klitschko.

After the slap, which the Ukranian did not respond to physically, Klitschko did reply with a verbal jab.

I am going to hit back on Saturday. He will get his beating, Klitschko said. I am really looking forward to teaching this young gentleman a lesson. He is from Great Britain, but he is lacking appropriate manners.

The quote is not I must break you, but it is as close as real life boxing will ever get.

Chiasora could have shown up Saturday, tried to get inside on Klitschko early, scored some points and hoped for an upset in a match where his opponent took him lightly. Now, he has awoken one of the greatest fighters on earth.

Remember what Klitschko said, He will get his beating.

Check out the slap below, as well as a montage of just exactly what Chisora is in for on Saturday, with a special Rocky inspired soundtrack.

The Slap

Klitschko's greatest hits