NBC’s “The Voice” Season 10 returned for its second week of blind auditions on Monday night as another crop of aspiring young artists took the stage in the hopes of getting a spot on one of the four available teams. The coaches had their work cut out for them in episode 3 as strategy began to play a pivotal role in the selection process. 

As any fan of the reality singing competition will know, half the fun is watching the rivalry between the coaches, who are each vying to propel one of their artists to the number one spot. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams were out to get one another in the Season 10 blinds. Luckily for them, the contestants are chalk full of some really impressive talent this season, leaving the celebrities a lot of fodder to craft spectacular teams. 

One of the tricks that the coaches seem to have adopted in Season 10 is to wait until the very last second of an audition to hit their button and turn their chair around. The hope is that by not giving their competitors an insight into whether or not they like the person on stage, they'll have less competition on artists they like.

When Brittany Kennell took the stage to sing a cover of Matthew West’s “Strong Enough,” Shelton recognized her country roots and turned his chair quickly, prompting Williams to hold off until the last note of her audition. Realizing that his chances to get Kennell on his team had just been cut in half, Shelton joked that he was going to consult NBC’s legal team about the lateness of his co-star’s button push. In the end, the singer ended up going with Shelton anyway, as most country singers on the show do. 

Despite the coach's clearly jovial mood, the artists still had a lot of reason to be nervous. One singer from Monday’s second round of blind auditions had twice the cause to be shaken as she’d tried and failed to get on the show in Season 9. Natalie Yacovazzi took the stage to sing a cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. Know It All” that surprised all the judges, but only prompted Levine and Aguilera to press their buttons. However, Aguilera played the waiting card a little too long and her vote never counted. As a reuslt, Levine had the incredibly relieved Yacovazzi on his team by default. 

Nerves weren’t an issue for every artist, particularly Brian Nhira. Hailing from Tulsa Oklahoma, the 23-year-old performer had the guts to step on stage and sing Williams’ smash hit “Happy” even though the original artist sitting right there judging him. Despite Shelton’s best efforts, he obviously went with Team Pharrell.

Team Pharrell won again when Hannah Huston took the stage to sing Allen Stone’s “Unaware.” The performance was a little rocky at times, which gave all four judges pause. However, when she hit the powerful yet raspy final note, everyone but Levine quickly pressed their buttons. Immediately after, the Maroon 5 frontman quickly admitted that he regretted his hesitation, which basically counts as a four-chair turn for the young artist. 

In the end, each team gained at least two new members, with Team Blake making out the best with a whopping four. The blind auditions continue again on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC when more artists audition in the hopes of rounding out the cast of Season 10 before they all move on to the next round.