It simply wouldn’t be “The Voice” without contestant’s dreams coming true left and right. During last night’s episode, the reality singing competition not only helped a country rock duo take a huge step toward career success, but it provided the opportunity for the marriage proposal of a lifetime. 

It was the third night of blind auditions for “The Voice” Season 9 Monday, which saw a bevy of talented artists sing their hearts out in the hopes one of the four judges would want to recruit them for their team. One such performance was from country/rock duo Jubal Lee Young and Amanda Preslar. They’ve been playing and performing music together for about 18 months. To prove it, they took the stage to sing a cover of The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road.”

The performance was clearly geared toward Blake Shelton, who has been scooping up most of the country-leaning singers to hit the stage so far, but it was Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani who turned in their chairs. Before Amanda and Jubal could choose which of the coaches they wanted to work with, Shelton asked if they were married - in a setup so perfect that E! Online speculated that it may have been staged. 

“Not yet,” Preslar answered, “One day.” 

With that, Young simply shrugged his shoulders, said “alright,” got down on one knee and produced a diamond ring. Although both the audience and the coaches were in complete shock, Preslar had the biggest reaction of all, refusing at first to admit that it wasn’t a joke. Eventually, when it all settled in, she recognized the stage proposal for the moment she’d been waiting so long for and said… yes!

As Yahoo TV notes, in a season of “The Voice” that’s been marred by speculation about the failed marriages of Shelton and Stefani, it was a very refreshing moment to see a couple begin the journey of marriage together right there on stage. 

Surprisingly, that was not the toughest choice Preslar would have to make while standing on the stage that night. Although they were both newly engaged, coach Adam Levine quickly reminded them that they still had to choose either Pharrell Williams or Gwen Stefani as their Season 9 coach. After the happy couple exchanged a few looks, they both agreed to go with Williams. 

You can check out both the performance and the impossibly sweet proposal moment in the video below. Fans can check back with Amanda and Jubal when they return for the Battle Rounds of Season 9.