The fifth season of “The Voice” premiered on NBC Sept. 23 with the first blind auditions, and another first for the show started Monday, with live performances by the top 20 contenders that have made it this far, beyond the battle rounds. The top 20 will now compete one-on-one, singing songs that they and their respective coaches have agreed upon. After the live performances, viewers get to vote on the artists who will stay to sing another day. On Monday, the artists from team Adam and team Blake will perform. Christina Aguilera and rapper Flo Ride also premiered their new song “How I Feel.”

Team Blake’s Shelbie Z singing “Fancy,” by Reba McEntire. Alabama newlywed Shelbie says “The Voice” was the perfect opportunity for her because she was judged her entire life for the way she looks. She chose to sing this song because she wants to make the song rock-country. Coach Blake thinks Shelbie’s plan for the song is great and tells her to make sure the attitude of the song comes across well. After the performance, coach Christina told Shelbie that she loved her performance and the song was very fitting for her voice. Coach Cee Lo agreed and said she is consistently charismatic. Coach Adam weighed in by saying she is a great competitor on team Blake. To vote, call 1-877-5-KEEP-01, text 1 to 8642, or download the song on 

Team Adam’s James Wolpert singing “A Case of You,” by Joni Mitchell. Computer expert James Wolpert worked at the Apple store because he loves computers, but he always wanted to pursue music. Coach Adam picked this song for Wolpert because he can embrace different styles and showcase his voice. Wolpert likes the song because of the simple arrangement and the stripped-down performance. After the performance, coach Blake praised Wolpert for being as “awesome” as he is and emphasized his courage for singing the song acoustically. Coach Christina also told Wolpert that she was incredibly impressed. Finally, coach Adam told Wolpert how proud he is of him and how amazingly he did during the performance. To vote, call 1-877-5-KEEP-02, text 2 to 8642, or download the song on

Team Blake’s Nic Hawk singing “Blurred Lines,” by Robin Thicke. Texas vocalist Hawk stopped singing and touring to help his family out financially. Initially, he was on team Adam, but during the battle rounds coach Blake stole him. Hawk chose this song because it has high energy and would be fun to sing. Hawk also chose to rap the lyrics of the song. After the performance coach Christina told Hawk that he had a ton of energy and he gave everything to the performance. Coach Cee Lo told Hawk that he was one of his favorite artists in the competition. Coach Adam told Hawk that he feels like an idiot for letting him go during the battle rounds. Finally coach Blake told him that his performance was unbelievable and that he is a complete entertainer. To vote call 1-877-5-KEEP-03, text 3 to 8642 or download the song on

Team Blake’s Ray Boudreaux singing “Home,” by Marc Broussard. The single father said that for so many people, singing is overwhelming but a blessing. He chose to sing this song because he wanted to get back to his roots, soul music. Being from Louisiana, this song means a lot to Boudreaux. After the performance, coach Christina told him that was the most connected he had every been to a song and the blues feel really worked for him. Coach Cee Lo told him that he did the South proud with his performance. Coach Adam told him that Marc Broussard is a friend of his and that he would be proud of his version. Coach Blake told Boudreaux that he is in a great position to bring “Swamp Pop” soul music to a new generation and he should be very excited. To vote, call 1-877-5-KEEP-04, text 4 to 8642, or download the song on

Team Blake’s Austin Jenckes singing “She Talks to Angels,” by The Black Crowes. Washington country rocker Jenckes recalls the door that opened for him when coach Blake turned his chair for him. Jenckes chose this song because this song will connect with the audition, says coach Blake. Jenckes says that he “visualizes winning ‘The Voice’” thanks to his mom. After the performance, coach Christina told him that he sang with so much heart that he grabbed the audience. Coach Cee Lo told Jenckes that he was one of his favorites from the beginning and that this season has the best talent of any singing competition. Coach Adam “seconds that” and told Jenckes that he loves him and that song. Coach Blake told his artist that it’s one thing to think a note and sing it, but it’s another to do it with passion and heart, and that is what Jenckes does. To vote call 1-877-5-KEEP-05, text 5 to 8642 or download the song on 

Team Adam’s Grey singing “Still Into You,” by Paramore. Florida pop singer Grey works as a wedding singer and wants to move her career forward. Grey chose this song because coach Adam thinks she needs to get out of her comfort zone and into “rocker” mode. Coach Adam tells her that she needs to get out there and perform the song because she is the “dark horse” of this competition. After the performance, coach Blake tells her that he was trying to steal her throughout the entire competition and that “awesome.” Coach Cee Lo says that he loves when artists breathe life into the record, and that is exactly what she did. Coach Adam says he is happy to hear the other coaches say these things because that’s what he was trying to get her to become, a dominant performer. To vote call 1-877-5-KEEP-06, text 6 to 8642 or download her song on

Team Adam’s Will Champlin singing: “Secrets” by One Republic. California native and new father Champlin was originally chosen by coach Adam, then stolen by coach Christina during the battle rounds, and then stolen back to team Adam during the knockout rounds. Champlin chose this song because he wanted to work piano into the performance and change the arrangement. During the performance, Champlin had a slight mic slip. After the performance, coach Christina tells him that she wished he were still on her team and the song was so sincere. Coach Cee Lo tells Champlin that the performance was very dynamic and definitive. Coach Adam tells Champlin that he deserves to be in the competition and he put on the performance of his life tonight. To vote call 1-877-5-KEEP-07, text 7 to 8642 or download her song on

Team Adam’s Preston Pohl singing: “Nothin’ On You” by B.O.B ft. Bruno Mars. Christian band rocker Pohl says being on “The Voice” is the perfect opportunity to continue singing and break out on his own. Pohl chose to sing this song because it’s challenging between the rapping and singing portions of the song. Coach Adam said Pohl is amazing and making things his own, and he does so with this song. After the performance, coach Blake tells Pohl that he’s blown away by his performance. Coach Christina tells Pohl that his voice is like an old soul and it adds a unique quality to every song he sings, coach Cee Lo agrees. Coach Adam tells him that he has the most unique voice in the competition and that is an incredible asset. To vote call 1-877-5-KEEP-08, text 8 to 8642 or download her song on

Team Blake’s Cole Vosbury singing: “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart. Louisiana vocalist Vosbury comes from a singing family. Coach Blake stole Vosbury during the knockout rounds and chose this song for him because he can make the song his own. Vosbury wants to add his own spin to the song to not sound too much like Rod Stewart. After the performance, coach Christina tells Vosbury that his voice is so consistent and whenever he gets on the stage she knows it will be a great performance. Coach Cee Lo, Vosbury's original coach, tells him that he supports him unconditionally. Coach Adam says that he regrets not turning around for Vosbury. Finally, coach Blake tells Vosbury that he ended up with a guy that can win "this entire thing." To vote call 1-877-5-KEEP-09, text 9 to 8642 or download her song on

Team Adam’s Tessanne Chin: “Many Rivers to Cross” by Jimmy Cliff. Closing out the night is Team Adam's Jamaican powerhouse, Tessanne Chin, who says she is excited to have her solo career take off. Coach Adam picked this song for Chin because he thinks it's important for her to show off her heritage. Chin tells Levine that thanks to her he has become an icon in Jamaica and that she recently recieved a phone call from Bob Marley's son, which changed her life. After the performance, coach Christina tells Chin that she knows what it feels like to cry tears of joy and tells her that she's not surprised because she knew she would be amazing. Coach Cee Lo told Chin that she is one of his favorites and that she makes him "feel things." Coach Adam says he "doesn't know where to begin" and praises her soul, character, and talent. To vote call 1-877-5-KEEP-10, text 10 to 8642 or download her song on

The Top 20 performances continue Tuseday night on NBC at 8 EST, where team Chrisitna and team Cee Lo will be performing.