The Christmas season has not been very cheery for the movies playing this weekend. Both The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Depp-Jolie’s The Tourist failed to bring in the expected ticket sales for the season.

While the 3D Voyage of the Dawn Treader did better than The Tourist with a box office return of $24.5 million in US and Canada, the Depp-Jolie starrer reported $17 million.

The family-oriented 3D Narnia movie did well in its international avatar. It made $67 million overseas with the ticket sales expected to go up with the season holidays advancing.

Insiders are of the opinion that the movie will not do too well as the domestic opening of Dawn Treader was less than half that of the previous two Narnia movies: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. Compared to the other two, the ticket cost for the Dawn Treader is higher as it is 3D.

The second Narnia movie, Prince Caspian did so lowly that Disney dropped the Narnia series. Fox picked up the latest edition and is said to have spent nearly $145 million on production.

The film got an A-minus on CinemaScore, which grades movies based on the reaction of moviegoers on opening night. This may or maynot be good for it because the Caspian Prince also got an A-minus on the opening night but did abysmally bad on the box office later.

Cinemascore has given The Tourist a B which does not bode well for the movie’s future, though it may pick up later amongst the female audiences, report review sites.