W3C, the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web, has announced the launch of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 2.1,making it the new internet standard, a report said.

CSS 2.1 will make the required corrections to the older CSS 2.0 which was normalized in 1998. The new update removes features that were left unused in major browsers. CSS 2.1 is already supported by almost all browsers and has been officially tagged.

People have asked us 'Why is CSS 2.1 taking so long?', said Daniel Glazman, CSS Working Group Co-chair. CSS 2.1 is a really large collection of formatting features, and we had to not only carefully

review and specify all the potential interactions between them, but also learn from existing implementations and of course tests. Time ensured quality and interoperability.

The CSS3 color module, along with CSS 2.1, has also received recommendation from the W3C and became the first CSS3 module to achieve this status.

This publication provides me with an opportunity to congratulate and thank the CSS Working Group, and all of the developers that have made CSS a success, said Bert Bos, co-inventor of CSS and Editor of CSS 2.1. This publication crowns a long effort to achieve very broad interoperability. Now we can turn our attention to the cool features we've been itching to bring to the Web.

The new standard is a fix for CSS 2.0 and is expected to replace the previous versions of CSS, a report on the official W3 website said.