Lisa Hose, 41, was crowned the winner on Sunday night's finale of the reality television show, having trimmed down to a svelte 65.7kg. She is the Australian Biggest Loser in history as the first ever female winner and doing so wearing the money bracelet - which doubled her original prize money of $185,000 to an incredible $370,000.

Ms Hose, who has two daughters aged 12 and 14, entered the competition weighing 121.9kg, but managed to lose 56.2kg during five months of intensive training.

An education assistant who works with disabled children, Ms Hose toppled Queensland's Joe Medway, 21, who lost 82.7kg to become runner-up in the closest final of the show's history.

The biggest male contestant, 24-year-old Victorian Shannon Bourke, originally weighed 214.3kg but finished in third place after losing nearly 90kg.

It was the largest weight loss by any contestant across all series, but the winner is the person who loses the largest percentage of their body weight.

Ms Hose said the experience had far exceeded her expectations.

All I ever wanted from The Biggest Loser was to get my weight off and be a better role model to my beautiful daughters and to make my husband proud, she said.

I could never have done it without the support of my trainer Shannan Ponton.

Thanks to him, I am looking forward to a new beginning with my family.