AMC and developer Next Games have unveiled the first trailer of "The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land," the official mobile game of the popular television show, which is about to reach its sixth season. The game is currently slated for an unspecified October release, and will initially be available only for iOS devices.

The game is expected to stay true to the show’s premise, focusing on surviving a zombie apocalypse, while also trying to stay human as stated by the developer. Players will try to protect their community against the zombie horde, while also finding food, clothing and more materials, as they search areas that have appeared in the television series like "Terminus" and "the Prison."

Combat will be a big part of the game, as players control a party of three characters that will explore the previously mentioned areas for materials and rations. It seems like the combat will be turn-based, according to Touch Arcade, as players will have to command the characters to attack the zombies. Base building will also be a core element of the game, as players must manage the community and build them homes to stay in.

As the game goes on, gamers will be able to equip their party with a variety of weapons and armour. The trailer, embedded below, shows the party of three with different weapons, including assault rifles, knives and baseball bats. It will be interesting to see if a chainsaw makes it to the game, as the tool is considered a fan-favourite weapon -- as games like “Dead Rising” has proven -- against zombies.

While it is not clear how connected “No Man’s Land” is to the AMC show, the player’s character was apparently trained by Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus. The character also narrates the trailer, showing how bleak the game’s setting is, reminding the player to stay human and take care of his or her community through any means.

It is currently unknown if “The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land” will be a premium app or a free-to-play mobile game. Fans will probably find out soon, as the game is only a few months away from release.

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land - First gameplay trailer | Next Games (Credit: YouTube/Next Games)