AMC has now released a trailer and stills of The Walking Dead Season 2.

After a highly successful season 1, AMC will air season 2 on October 16 and run for 13 episodes. Judging by the trailer and stills, it's going to be the same dark, gritty, intense, and heart-wrenching show.

In season 1, sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes woke up to a world overrun with walkers and had to travel to Atlanta to find his family. In season 2, Grimes, his family, and a small band of human survivals must get out of Atlanta.

One thing I know with certainty. We're moving on. Atlanta is done, said Grimes.

Getting out of Atlanta, however, is no easy task; it's a long shot and the chances of survival are slim. However, a slim chance is better than none.

The enormous pressures of survival have put immense pressure on the sanity of the human survivors and the unity of the group, the trailer shows.

Below are the trailer and the stills.