“The Walking Dead” will be returning to AMC for its third season in 10 days. To get fans blood rushing, the series has released a brand new promo video to show what’s in store for our gang of survivors.

“Weapons, food, medicine,” Rick lists the favorable qualities that may lie within the prison. “This place could be a gold mine.” Judging by the amount of walkers (prisoners and non) locked within the prison walls, it may look more like a death trap than a gold mine. With Lori’s pregnancy, and the group tired and without a safe haven, it looks like Rick and the gang really have no choice but to try to make the prison their home sweet home. 

The new video posted by TVGuide shows Rick going within the prison fence with T-Dog, Glenn, Daryl and Maggie in an attempt to exterminate some of the walkers that are roaming the land. They must succeed, or are able to get past most of them because as the footage continues fans can see that the group has made it within the actual building of the prison. 

“He’s gotten us a lot farther than I thought he ever would,” a very pregnant Lori can be heard in a voice over as the survivors cautiously move through their hopefully new home. 

As the season three tagline suggests though, while the group must always worry about walkers, it’s the humans they should really be watching. “Fight the dead. Fear the living,” takes on new meaning when Rick can be heard presumably telling the Governor that he’s not getting the prison. 

“I’m not giving up this prison,” he says in a menacing voice. “It’s ours. We spilt blood.”

Meanwhile by the brief look inside Woodbury, it looks like the Governor and his people will be a force to reckon with. Forcefully taking Michonne and Andrea back to Woodbury, the Governor keeps showing his dark side by telling Andrea threateningly, “We’re going out there and taking what’s ours.”

Unfortunately for the Governor, Rick is turning over a new leaf. The once good ol’ sheriff riding into town, viewers will see a new man since being forced to kill his best friend Shane. As the upcoming horrors flash across the screen, Rick voices over, “If we see you out here anywhere near our people ... I’ll kill you.”

Season three of “The Walking Dead” premieres on AMC on Sunday, Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. ET.

What do you think of the new promo video? What character do you think will be the first to die in the new season? Sound off in the comments section below.