Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The dead are coming...back! On Oct. 14 "The Walking Dead" will return to AMC for its third season, and show runner Glen Mazzara promises it will send spine-tingling shivers.

At the end of the second season, the group of survivors lost a couple of their own as they were forced to flea their former safe haven, Hershel's farm. Now in the middle of nowhere with no protection and exposed secrets, tension is definitely high. 

Unfortunately this season the group will discover that the apocalyptic world has more threats coming their way than just the walkers. 

"[The zombies] are always a horror but as our folks learn to live with them, the new horror becomes what people will do to survive and to protect each other in this world," Mazzara revealed on "The Walking Dead" website

Rick's group of survivors will look for protection early on this season, and surprisingly they will find it within the walls of a prison. Although a possible safe haven, the prison does have a serious infestation problem...inmate walkers.

For Rick, the discovery of the prison is welcoming, explains Mazzara. "Rick's reign is initially successful in the fact that they do discover the prison and that proves at first that Rick was right that there's a place out there that perhaps they can be safe," continued the show runner. 

"Perhaps" is the key word in Mazzara's comment though. Although safe from walkers after they deal with their infestation problems, the prison definitely can't keep out the human problems...like new character, The Governor.

"He needs to be a person who has a real soul and has a depth and intelligence, and he's not just a cardboard arch-villain who's going to play as a foil to our characters," Mazzara said of The Governor. "I think David Morrissey is doing a phenomenal job finding the humanity in that character and by having that humanity so prevalent when he commits atrocious acts, I think they'll be that much more horrifying."

Season three of "The Walking Dead" kicks off on Sunday, Oct. 14. Fans have been hungrily scooping up teasers while the show took a break to film, but incase you missed some, here are a couple must-know spoilers:

  • A series regular is confirmed to die.
  • Merle Dixon, Daryl's brother, will return as a resident in Woodbury.
  • Milton, a new character not found in the comic books will appear as a worker for The Governor.

Whatever your feelings on season two or the upcoming season three of "The Walking Dead," Glenn Mazzara definitely wants fans to know that the new season will be "very adrenalized."