“Walking Dead” viewers are more than likely saying goodbye to a major character on the show's midseason finale on Sunday. While a death has not been confirmed, the AMC series has a history of killing off characters in past midseason finales … and all signs seem to point towards Beth (Emily Kinney).

Beth only recently returned to “The Walking Dead” after getting kidnapped by a mysterious group during Season 4. Fans finally caught back up with the character during Season 5, but many are speculating that her storyline is coming to an end. Why the speculation? The theory is that the title for episode 8, “Coda,” is the nail in the coffin for Beth.

Coda is a musical term meaning “an ending part” or something that is “separate from the earlier parts.” Beth is known for her singing, and a Season 5 episode reintroduced that part of her. In a conversation with Dr. Steven Edwards (Erik Jensen), Beth told the shifty doctor that she “still sings.” Playing off coda’s connection to music, some fans believe that the midseason finale will be Beth’s final song. Rumors are that the character will sacrifice herself in order to save Carol (Melissa McBride).

The definition of coda doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to music, though. It could just mean “something that ends and completes something else.” Check out 7 other rumors surrounding Season 5, episode 8 of “The Walking Dead”:

1. Morgan Returns

Where is Morgan (Lennie James)?! That’s the question on the mind of every “Walking Dead” fan. The Season 1 character was reintroduced in the final moments of the Season 5 premiere … but he hasn’t been seen since. Morgan is said to potentially be trailing behind Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group by about a month. If that’s true, then it is highly unlikely that the character will reunite with his old pal.

One theory is that Morgan will find Father Gabriel’s (Seth Gilliam) abandoned church. Clues inside the church could potentially allow him to continue following Rick’s trail … wherever that path may be.

2. Father Gabriel And A Hoard Of Walkers

Father Gabriel was left in a sticky situation at the end of episode 7. The priest fled the church while Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Carl (Chandler Riggs) were distracted with Baby Judith. Not willing to cave into such savagery, even though he locked countless people out of his church, Father Gabriel left the grounds without a weapon.

He managed to fight off one walker while out in the woods, but how much farther can he get on his own? Based on a sneak peek video from episode 8, fans on Reddit are speculating that Father Gabriel will accidentally unleash a hoard of zombies. Another theory is that Morgan, who was tracking the marks that the hunters left, will find Father Gabriel at the abandoned Terminus campground.

3. Baby Judith Dies

This is pretty grim, but many “Walking Dead” fans are uncertain how far the show can get with baby Judith in the mix. Some are speculating that the baby will meet a horrible fate, similar to that of Robert Kirkman’s comics. A theory is that Michonne will leave Carl and Judith at the church in order to search for Father Gabriel. A hoard of zombies could attack the church and distract Carl from protecting his baby sister.

4. Carol Dies

“Walking Dead” fans are sure that one character is going to die … they’re just not sure who. Carol was left in pretty bad shape when viewers last saw her. Beth slipped her medicine, but odds seem to be against the survivor.

5. Eugene Turns Into A Walker

Eugene (Josh McDermitt) allegedly “woke up” at the end of episode 7, however, many fans noted that the noises he was making sounded very similar to that of a walker. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) immediately assumed that Eugene was alive, but it’s possible that he could have died from Abraham’s beat down.

6. Abraham’s Group Finds Other Survivors

Will we meet another group of survivors? If Abraham’s crew gets back on the road they will more than likely turn around to return to Rick’s group. However, it’s important to note that they were low on gas before they stopped. It doesn’t seem likely that they’ll be able to get to the church by the end of the midseason finale, but it’s possible that they could run into other survivors … like maybe Negan?

7. Alexandria Safe-Zone

The Alexandria Safe-Zone appears to be the next stop based on “The Walking Dead” comics. AMC viewers know that the show doesn’t directly follow Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels, but the Alexandria location would be the next logical move in order for the series to progress.

"The Walking Dead" midseason finale will air on AMC on Sunday, Nov. 30, at 9 p.m. EST. What do you think will happen? Tweet your theories to @AmandaTVScoop.